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NOTE: Before placing an order online, your artwork should be properly formatted and ready for print. See our File Guide if you have questions regarding the artwork specifications for this product. If you need assistance with your art design, please call us at 313-758-6737.

Note: Quantity refers to total flags of this design.To order multiple flags of different layouts, please process each layout individually.

Two Identical flags = Flag Order, Qty: 2
Two Flag layouts = Two Flag Orders

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Breaks starting at TWO Flags will be applied in your cart. For Quantities 5+, Reach Out to speak with a representative for BULK PRICING!
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250 Dacron, Flagknit, Taffeta


Single-Sided, Double-Sided


2'X3', 3'x5', 4'x6', 5'x8', 6'x10'

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  Our flags are constructed from 250 Dacron and include a canvas heading with two rows of double stitching and two brass grommets. The top and bottom are rolled & double stitched and the fly end is rolled and reinforced with two rows of stitching.

Available Sizes:

Our Flags Come in a variety of sizes. Our most common variants are our 3’x5′  and 4’x6′ household sized flags, though many special-use and event styles are available. If your size or style is not listed, Reach Out to discuss your unique needs and complete your project.

 –| 2′ x 3′ | 3′ x 5′ | 4′ x 6′ | 5′ x 8′ | 6′ x 10′ | –
*Smaller/Larger Sizes available by Special Order*

Special Order Flags & Hardware:

Many times a special event or certain occasion will call for an unusual style or size of the flag, not commonly found in stores. For these custom projects, it is best to Reach Out and speak directly with a BSC representative regarding your aspirations. After a brief consult, we will help translate that vision into a tangible reality. Whether for brand marketing, special celebrations, or even just for fun, we’ll take care of ya!

These projects may include (but not limited to):
Auto-Antenna Flags, Auto-Window Flags, Concert & Festival Totem Flags, Desk Flags, Display Accesories, Golf Flags, Indoor Flag Sets, Memorial Flags, Mini Flags, Mounting Hardware, Office Flags, Pennants Flags, Pennant Strings, and more.

Corporate/Reseller/Quantity Breaks:

  • Quantity Breaks are available beginning at TWO flags of any size, though once your surpass 5 Flags, a bulk discount is applied dropping unit cost by up to %40!  Reach Out for more details!
  • Artist Creatives that must resell their works are also provided discount. Reach Out to learn about our reseller rates.
  • Municipal Entities, School Districts, and Large Corporations with multiple facilities often need to order several sets of flags over a span of time to update their appearance in a budgetary rotation. Special rates may be available for bulk quantity orders fulfilled over a period of time. To enroll, a  minimum of 6 flags must be guaranteed by year end to retain pricing, or the cost will revert to individual unit pricing.  Once qualified, this program allows you to retain the bulk rate by ordering as few as two at a time. There is currently no limit on how many flags may be purchased with your Bulk cost. If your organization has a recurring need for custom flags, Reach Out and learn more today!

One Sided Vs Two Sided

Standard Singleside - Reverse ReadThere are many ways to make a flag, but the first thing to consider is that flags must unfurl in the wind in order to be read. The lighter the weight of a flag, the more readily it will unfurl in lower wind conditions. To minimize weight, the industry standard is to construct flags from single layer of material and print to one side using a special technique that enables ink to penetrate through to the material resulting in a reverse read image on the back side. The level of ink penetration to the back side will vary between 100% and 70% depending on the color and nature of the image.Is this a two sided? Yes, only reverse reading on the back side, as shown here.


Deluxe Doublesided - Right ReadFor flags that must be right reading from both sides, we simply print two single layer flags and sew them back to back, separated by an opaque liner. Ask for a Deluxe Flag, or Select ‘Double Sided Right Read’ from the dialog above.


Flag Templates

This content will be coming soon.

In the meantime, please email and we would be happy to send you one! Be sure to specify your name and project title, as well as the style and size of your flag; to ensure you have the correct and current version. This page will be updated shortly.