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Parade Banners

Parade Banner AccessoriesOur standard parade banners are fabricated using double layer construction. The front layer is digitally printed in full color over Poplin*, then sewn to a white backer. The backer adds opacity which greatly enhances color saturation while adding weight, enabling the banner to hang taut in windy conditions without use of a bottom banner pole. The banners are finished with an 3″ open pocket across the top, GOLD decorative fringe across the bottom, and GOLD Cord & tassel sets for the ends. Standard fringe, cord & tassel are available in Gold, though other colors are available in the below colors at additional $40. Banner poles are fabricated from lightweight aluminum joined in the middle for larger sizes, detailed with decorative acorns at the ends, and are available in polished silver or gold.

Banner Poles

Standard Banner poles are polished gold, polished silver is available by special order.The overall length of your banner pole will be greater than your banner width, allowing 2″ for the decorative acorn plus 6″ for your hand position.

Banner size 4ft = 64″ pole (one piece)
Banner size 6ft = 88″ pole (one piece)
Banner size 8ft = 112″ pole (two piece pole jointed in middle)



Fabric Options

Satin: Transfer Print Media – Size 60” before paneling.

Satin is ideally suited for use as banners and table runners. Most noted for its shimmering and light reflective appearance. The material takes a regal sense when printed in jewel tones such as purple and deep red. The material is also ideally suited for metallic simulations including true gold and silver.

As an example, we’ve recently printed an image of the Stanley Cup. This is an embossed sterling silver trophy and has no color to work with. The image generally takes an oddball appearance when printed in CMYK. However, the shimmering appearance of our satin, combined with secret imaging handling techniques produced a photo realistic result that is unmatched by any other form of printing

Extra care in the handling of this material is necessary, as it does not lend well to wrinkling or creases. As such, satin is not recommended for larger scale images like backdrops that require continued folding for transport. For best results, keep satin banners to a width of 52” and always store them rolled on a tube.

Features and Benefits

Weight: 3.2oz / sq yd
Shimmering- glossy in appearance.
Excellent color gamut with minimal image showing through.
Ideal for gold & silver metallic simulations
Decent opacity approx 80%
Durability: Permanent Interior and temporary exterior (due to fading).

Uses: Banners, Table runners

Poplin: Transfer Print Media – Size 60” before paneling

Poplin is by far our most popular material and is noted for its wrinkle resistance making it an excellent choice for large scale backdrops, retractable banners and table covers that need to be folded for storage and transport.

The material is dead flat in appearance which makes it desirable for use in video productions such as live interviews and photographic press releases.

As a traveling display, Poplin enables users to priority ship at an affordable cost.

Poplin is a somewhat pliable material that conforms well to contoured surfaces including stretch frames, office partitions, and the human body when converted into a garment.
Features and Benefits

Weight: 4.9 oz / sq yd
Wrinkle resistant
Dead- flat in appearance.
Excellent color gamut with minimal image show thru.
Ideal for traveling displays
Decent opacity approx. 80%
Durability: Permanent Interior and temporary exterior (due to fading).

Uses: Backdrops, table throws, banners, fabric forms.


Poplin/Satin Comparison with NO Direct Light

Poplin/Satin Difference in light reflectiveness and color saturation (Light OFF)

Poplin/Satin Comparison with Direct Light

Poplin/Satin Difference in light reflectiveness and color saturation (Light ON)