What’s in a Sign?

Our clients’ personal stories for their printed projects deepened our appreciation for their creative work, prompting us to ask, “What’s in a sign?”  Whether a musician’s band graphic connecting fans to their music, or an employer improving the work environment with images and decor relevant to employees’ communities, everything we see has purpose beneath the surface.

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Discussing graphics with a local client, he offered the story of turning his love of baking into a new business.  His memories of designing his brand began with his daughter:

“I came up with the name, and I showed it to my daughter.  She was a student at CCS (College for Creative Studies) at the time, so she helped with the (logo) design.”

Proud of the collaboration, he shared the new logo with a business mentor in Detroit’s Eastern Market.  The mentor complimented the graphic by asking, “Can you live up to this?”

Our client replied, “Yeah, I think I can.”

Having the pleasure of sampling his sweets, we absolutely agree his skills run deep.


Since initial creation, he’s become a repeat client for Banner Sign Co., creating custom table covers, a banner, and adhesive vinyl decal for a sidewalk chalkboard sign.  It was one of our co-owners, Nicole, who’s credited with the checker pattern added as an accent to the original graphic.

“I thank God I found you.  Banner Sign brought everything together.”  An earnest sentiment from one of our favorite local bakers, George Perdue of Bakefiniti.


The connections between designing with his daughter, receiving printed branding, his baked goods and the business become an emotional thing.  “You depend on the logo and signage almost more than the goods because it’s what people attach to memory.”

Signs and aesthetic design are easy to overlook for the passerby whose attention might linger a moment before jumping back to the phone, but if you add a moment for consideration, you’ll find a story in every image that meets the eye.

What memories or personal experiences do you connect with your favorite sign or logo?

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