Solvent Ink Jet Printing

Using digital ink-jet printing technology, high resolution graphic images are created from all types of imaging materials.

The result is a roll of custom printed media ready to be transformed into numerous products including banners, signs, window graphics, vehicle wraps, wall coverings, and decals.

Features and Benefits

Solvent printing is an incredibly versatile process enabling the creation of countless graphic solutions.

No Minimum Quantity: Unlike screen and offset printing, we’re able to cost effectively produce small quantities of full color graphics with minimal start up costs.

Exterior Durability: Solvent inks are naturally water and UV resistant and will last for up to 6 months without lamination.

Versatile: With careful media selection and the right finishing equipment, one printer will transform any, wall, vehicle, floor or light pole into an effective graphic presentation.

Advertising Value: Large format digitally printed graphics offer the highest return on investment when compared to other forms of advertising. When you compare the cost of a newspaper ad to the cost of posting a banner on a busy intersection, the number of impressions from a posted banner are staggering by comparison. All day, all night, all year round.

Quick Turnaround: Digitally printed graphics are quick to implement and with multiple printers in house, we are able to produce up to 600 square feet per hour. Our standard delivery is 5-7 business days. For a nominal service charge, we’ll print your graphics as early as same day.

Ecological Advantages
As a responsible manufacturer, our digital prints are created using mild solvent inks which are less harmful to our environment than full solvent alternatives.
Note: Our inks are abrasion and moisture resistant. However, they have moderate UV resistance and may begin to fade within 6 months depending upon the amount of direct sunlight exposure.For optimal exterior performance, please consider adding our protective over laminates detailed below.

Protective Laminates

Protective laminates can add value to digital prints.

Standard Laminates
This is a clear, calendared film available in gloss or matte finish (Oracle 210).

Apply to standard digital prints
Exterior Rating: Up to 4 years.
Premium Laminates
This is a clear, cast, semi-gloss film (3M 8519).

Apply to premium digital prints
Exterior Rating: Up to 7 years.

In House Manufacturing

Printing, Laminating, Mounting, and Fabrication

It’s all under one roof.

Every aspect of our production process is completed right here in our suburban Detroit manufacturing facility.

We utilize the absolute latest in computerized design equipment and support all major software applications in both Mac and PC formats.

Our website offers a user friendly FTP access for quick and convenient file uploading.

With files in house, we’ll consider the unique nature of your project and employ the best suited printing characteristics. Are you looking for high speed at a low cost? Do you need the highest resolution possible? Or perhaps you’re doing a backlit image and require double pass printing. Our capabilities go far beyond point and shoot and we’re always developing new materials.

Made In America
Our digital materials are proudly manufactured in the USA and our profits remain in the fine country.

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