Using an automated rotary heat press, adhesive vinyl prints and cut vinyl lettering are
permanently bonded to a variety of substrates and transformed into rigid panel signs in all shapes & sizes.

Stock Substrates
We stock eight different substrates, each with unique features that are suited for different applications.

In the notes to follow, you will see that we offer interior and exterior grade substrates and cater to both cost effective and high end graphic solutions.

Styrene: Thickness .060″ – 6 month exterior • Solid white PVC sheet • Lightweight cost effective • Moderately durable • Self supporting up to 2’x2′ • Crush resistant
Uses: Table top signs, facility signs.
Gator Foam: Thickness 3/16″ & 1/2″ – Interior Lightweight, rigid foam board with black core • 3/16 is self supporting up to 4’x8′ • Easily damaged.
Uses: Easel signs, event & display signage.
Foam Core: Thickness 3/16″ – Interior use  • Lightweight, flexible foam board with white core, suitable for mounting digital prints • Self supporting up to 2’x4′ • Cost effective • Easily damaged
Uses: Easel signs, event & display
Plywood: Thickness 1/2″- 5 year exterior • Marine grade MDO panel • Pre-finished gloss white front, paper sealed back side • Self supporting up to 4’x8′ without frame
Uses: Large project signs or identity, building signs.
Ceroplast: Thickness 3/16 – 6 month exterior • Corrugated white plastic sheet • Lightweight, cost effective, moderately durable • Self supporting up to 2’x2′
Uses: Outdoor event signage, wire frame lawn signs.
Alupanel: Thickness 1/8″ – Permanent exterior • Composite sheet, aluminum two sides over acrylic • White gloss font, white matte back • Self supporting up to 4’x8′ without frame
Uses: Large un-framed building signs, facility signs.
Sintra: Thickness 3mm = 1/8″ – 5 year exterior • Solid black PVC sheet • Lightweight & crush resistant • Self supporting up to 2’x4′
Uses: Easel signs, event, display & facility signs.
Aluminum: Thickness .060″ -Permanent exterior • Solid aluminum sheet • White gloss finish two sides • Self supporting up to 4’x4′ but gets a little flimsy for larger sizes unless framed
Uses: Medium size traffic, facility & real estate signs.
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