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Dye-Sub Fabric Printing

The Digital Dye-Sub Process

Using digital dye-sub printing technology, high resolution graphic images are created from six styles of polyester fabric.

The result is a bolt of custom printed fabrics ready to be transformed into numerous products, including banners, flags, table covers, custom upholstery, and apparel such as ties, aprons and jerseys.

Transfer Prints and Thru-Prints

Transfer Prints are created from heavier weight materials including Satin, Poplin and Poly Duck. These material are relatively opaque in nature, and result in minimal image show-through to the back side to the back side of the material.  Maximum height: 52” before paneling.

Thru-Prints are created from lighter weight materials including 250 Denier, Taffeta, and Flag Knit. These materials are translucent in nature and allow ink to penetrate through to the material, resulting in a reverse read image on the back side.  Maximum height: 52” before paneling.

Reverse reading images may seem odd to comprehend at first. However, our brains have the natural ability to transpose such images making them interpretable.

Thru-Prints will result in significant cost savings for two-side applications.

Variety: our standard fabrics include transparent sheers, shimmering satin, dead flat poplin, rugged canvass and stretchy spandex to name a few.

Durability: Dye sublimated graphics are permanently embedded deep into the fibers of the fabric and are guaranteed to resist abrasion.

Printed fabrics are incredibly strong and are well suited for exterior applications up to 6 months.

Light weight and EZ to handle: Fabric graphics are ideal for traveling, and make great portable displays. As an example a 600 square foot fabric graphic weighs roughly 70 pounds.

Quick turnaround: Standard delivery is 5-7 business days. Rush service up to 1200 sq ft can be produced same day.

Competitive pricing: Fabric graphics are priced comparable to most large format digital printing service and does not involve the costly set-up associated with screen printing.

Features and Benefits

Unmatched Color Gamut: Sublimated inks offer a deep and brilliant color saturation that is beyond any verbal description.

Just look at our samples. Have you ever seen color like this?

Looking for something different?
Fabric graphics offer a unique and up-scale appearance that stands apart from other, conventional forms of printing.

Beyond visible color, fabric graphics are textured in appearance and offer a tactile component that is guaranteed to enhance the mood of any display environment. You can see and feel the difference!

Ecological Advantages

Unlike solvent based vinyl printing, dye-sub inks are aqueous based and are specially formulated to be environmentally friendly.

Thru-Prints are a direct to substrate process and do not require paper to be an intermediate receiver substrate.Thru-Prints are an excellent alternative for two-sided applications. While traditional two-sided printing requires an image to be printed twice, thru-printing is a one hit process thus reducing ink and energy consumption by 50 percent

Made In America
Our digital materials are proudly manufactured in the USA and our profits remain in the fine country.

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