Returning to Detroit as of March, 2018, after temporary stints in nearby Ferndale and Hazel Park, we’re finding it’s important to contribute to the community through personal connections between people serving the most important cause – the collective prosperity of our communities.  Detroit is a beacon of hope born from an historical cautionary tale, recently emerging from state financial oversight after an unprecedented municipal bankruptcy on the tail of a global financial collapse, preceded by decades of community distress without regard for the reality that we are all in this together, that the success of one relies on the success of all, and few places have new growth upon old scars to demonstrate this reality like Detroit.

For our part, we feel the connections and warmth from people we’ve collaborated with on projects of every scale, as well as in every pair of eyes met while walking through the city.  Whether offering, “Hello,” while passing on The Boulevard, or handing a finished banner to the owner of a small pop-up who feels love from our colorful representation of the specialty ice cream bars she sells around town, belonging to this community is special because we understand that caring for each other’s needs is the only way any individual can flourish, and we hope to contribute in any way we are able.  We’re happy to call Detroit home.

-Banner Sign Company
July 24,2018

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