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Employment Opportunities

Sign Shop Assistant and Sign Installer

Dear Prospective Employee.

At the present time, Banner Sign is considering the full time placement of a new individual to our present staff. Please accept this brief position overview for your consideration.

Position: Sign Shop assistant and Sign Installer
Report To: Nick Piach
Start Date: 1 Week
Pay Structure: Hourly
Rate of Pay:  $10.00 –  $12.00 Pending experience.
Hours of Operation: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday – Friday
Minimum Hours per week: 40 Hrs
Expected Overtime hours: 5 Hrs per week

Primary Responsibility:  This is a combine position involving 50% Sign and banner assembly,  20% Light pole banner installation and maintenance, 20% light installation of interior and exterior signs 10% General facility maintenance.

Sign Manufacturing responsibilities

– Vinyl lettering production & application
– Use of power tools
– Field inspections for general signage
– Operation of digital printers
– Operation of transfer machine
– Engraving
– Sewing machine operation
– Installation of interior & exterior signs
– Operation of laminator

Light pole banner installation and maintenance:

This is a year round activity that requires the installer to work in all weather conditions.

Banners generally measure 94” tall x 30” wide and are installed to lighting poles 15ft above grade to  with the use of a bucket truck.

Banners are used year round and are generally rotated with the change in seasons. Between seasons, we inventory and store clients banners until they are ready for the next use.

The department maintains a data base of repeat customers. The data base is used to coordinate the scheduling of seasonal installations as well as to track the specifications and condition of each respective site.

The process of executing a seasonal installation starts with reviewing the customer  account 1) month prior to the installation date. At this time, you confirm your inventory, review the clients pricing history and create & fax a proposal to the client, detailing the work to be done and the cost of doing it.

Upon signed acceptance of  your proposal, the department creates a work order, updates the data base and executes the installation.

Following are specific activities relative lighting pole banner installations.

– Bucket Truck Operation
– Proposal Writing (Word)
– New Banner Installations
– Banner Maintenance
– Site Inspections
– Working in all weather conditions
– Bucket Truck Maintenance
– Data Tracking (Excell)
– Banner Swaps
– Banner Inventory
– Filing Permit Applications

Light installation of Interior and Exterior Signs:

This area of work basically involves working out of our cargo van with basic hand tools and a 6ft step ladder. On occasion projects may involve use larger step and extension ladders so it is imperative to be comfortable working at heights of up to 20ft.

Typical installations include interior plaque type signs and dimensional lettering as well as exterior ground mounted signage that involve post hole digging.

Facility Maintenance

Facility Maintenance responsibilities (representing roughly 10% of the years work) are as follows.

– Winter ( Shovel Sidewalks)
– Maintain interior & exterior lighting
– Moping & Vacuuming
– Maintenance company vehicles
– Summer (Lawn Maintenance)
– Trash removal
– Painting
– General building repairs

Thank you for your interest in Banner Sign Company. If you feel that you are qualified for and interested in the above position, please complete and sign our standard application for employment.

Sincerely, Nick Piach

Sales Pro

Banner Sign Co., seeks a sales pro with at least 3 years experience in the Digital Graphics Industry.


1. Compiles lists of prospective customers for use as sales leads, based on information from newspapers, business directories, industry ads, trade shows, Internet Web sites, and other sources.

2. Displays or demonstrates product, prints and uses samples or catalog, investigates new business possibilities and alliances.

3. Estimates date of delivery to customer, based on knowledge of company’s production schedule.

4. Keep up to date on product changes and fully understand the digital print process, including file delivery and the pre flight checklist.

If you feel you meet the criteria please send a copy of your resume to nick@bannersignco.com


Banner Sign Co., seeks the help of a Kee Roll, Sign Making Technician with Strong Skills in many facets of the Exhibit, Display and Architectural Sign Making trades.

Examples of our work are depicted within this web site. Please review all items carefully as you will play a roll in the Manufacture and Installation of everything depicted herein.

Skills include direct hands on experience in the following areas:

  • Working knowledge of graphics application software Including Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, PhotoShop. As well as CAD operating software Including Flexi Sign, Cas Mate, Mimaki Fine Cut and Onyx Poster Shop.

  • Creating, adhesive vinyl text and graphics, utilizing a vinyl plotter (we have Mimaki, Anograph & Gerber plotters).

  • Creating dimensional graphics from a variety of materials utilizing a computerized Router Table / Engraver.

  • Creating Braille & Tactile graphics utilizing a Photopolymer Machine.

  • Processing raw materials Including Plywood, Sintra, Coroplast, Foam Coar, Gator Board, Scrim Vinyl, etc. using power tools and hand tools. We have a complete carpentry shop.

  • Mounting of contour cut and flat adhesive vinyl graphics to the above and other substrates such as Fleet Vehicles. Your skills will include hand mounting and machine mounting using a 60″ Orca laminator.

  • Sewing of heavy duty scrim vinyl and light duty fabrics utilizing two different types of sewing machines.

  • Painting. We hand paint using quills & rollers and we have an automotive style spray gun.

  • Dye Sublimation Roll Transfer. Ever heard of that ? We have a 60″ heat press that transfers digitally printed images off of paper and on to fabric. This is our signature product. Digitally printed, dye sublimation, fabric banners.

  • Field Survey and Small Scale Field Installation, Casual Pick-Up and Delivery: Many projects require field survey prior to production and field installation as part of the production process. Small scale installations generally include working from a ladder and local travel using our Cargo Van so you will need to possess a valid drivers license.

  • General shop maintenance and housekeeping. You are responsible for maintaining your personal space, cleaning up after projects and be willing to share in the general maintenance of common areas.

While knowledge is required in all of the above areas, the facets are all interrelated. So, if you posses some of the above skills and are willing to learn the finer points of our production system, please feel free to give us a call, or email a copy of your resume nick@bannersignco.com.

Seamstress and Apparel Designer – Part Time

At the present time, Banner Sign is trying to launch a sports apparel line called “Neutralize the Zone”.

Our pilot project is custom designed hockey jerseys. We have several prototypes. But with apparel not being our core business, it’s been hard to further the project without the involvement of someone who has actually manufactured clothing.

We manufacture custom printed fabric 60” wide by 300ft long. Our focus is on producing banners and flags. However, we recognize there are limitless un-tapped opportunities in the apparel industry and wish to grow in that direction.

So, if you know how to make clothing and are able to invest some time into fine tuning our designs, we’re optimistic that out apparel will catch on and employment opportunities will follow.